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Latest reviews

Brainwavz Alara

Fun, fun and more fun. Say hello to Brainwavz Alara with a Planar magnetic driver priced at 499USD.

Noble Audio Khan

Noble Audio Khan is a 2399$ tribrid iem. It uses a dynamic driver for low frequencies, 4 balanced armatures for mids and a piezo electric for treble.

Noble Audio Django

Django is a Quentin Tarantino movie which… wait, no, this time it’s an IEM by Noble Audio priced at 999$.

Fiio FD1

Fiio FD1 is a budget IEM using a beryllium-plated 10mm dynamic driver. It is priced at 59.99$.

iFi Hip Dac

iFi Hip Dac is an entry level portable DAC with balanced output and MQA decoding. It is priced at 149$.

Meze 99 Classics

Meze 99 Classics is an over-ear headphone that has been present on the market for some time now. Let’s check if it’s still worth getting in 2020.


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