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NF Audio NA2

NF Audio NA2 is an unordinary designed $99 IEM with a dual cavity dynamic driver inside.

Hifiman Ananda

Hifiman Ananda is a planar magnetic headphone, which has been vastly popular in a $1000 market since its release. Price is set at $999.


SMSL M100 MK II is a tiny desktop DAC based on SABRE9018Q2C and it has plenty of I/O for its size. It costs just $93.99

Empire Ears ESR MKII

Empire Ears ESR MKII is a hybrid IEM, consisting of triple balanced armatures and dual electrostatics, alongside a completely reengineered 4-way synX crossover. It is priced at $1099.

Dunu EST112

Dunu EST112 is a Tribrid IEM, combining a 1DD, 1 Armature driver, and two electrostatic drivers. Its price is set at 489.99USD.

Palab M1-mini

Palab M1-mini is a portable and very powerful DAC/AMP based on ESS9038Q2M with full MQA decoding. The recommended price of the device is $449.

KBear Lark

KBear Lark is one of the greatest options in its price range. You’re getting very nice packaging, plenty of tips in different sizes, very useful roomy case as well as cable that does not bother you and all of that for just $30! You just have to sacrifice your single dinner at restaurant and many of casual listeners will find their endgame in those.
Highly recommended!

Whizzer HE01

Whizzer Kylin HE01 is a single DD IEM with an unusual design and price set at 79,99 USD.


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