Topping Pre90, Ext90 Launch and L30 giveaway at Apos Audio

Our friends at Apos Audio have some exciting new stuff for you, so we decided to share all of them here for your convenience. Topping mafia really takes over!

TOPPING Pre90 Preamplifier and Ext90 Input Extender Now Available on Apos Audio

We are pleased to say that the TOPPING Pre90 Preamplifier and the Ext90 Input Extender are now available for purchase on Apos Audio! As always, your purchases made on Apos come with our Promise for Free Priority Shipping, Free Returns, an Extended 2-Year Warranty, and a 30-Day Lowest Price Match, which has now been extended for the Holiday Season till the end of this year!

The Pre90 is a preamplifier that uses the same NFCA structure as the TOPPING A90 amp, allowing higher gain and slew rates but with lower distortion. It is fully balanced and can accommodate both balanced and single-ended signals (output can be balanced, single, or balanced and single). The Ext90 is an input extender that allows you to connect up to a whopping six more additional inputs to the A90/D90 stack. 

The Pre90 also has some helpful features for us audiophiles who have lots of sources. There is an easily accessible Volume Memory Function, allowing you a user-friendly experience as you switch between different input sources, since different hardware has different outputs. Not only that, but TOPPING has included a “Safe Volume Function” in the Pre90. Have you ever had one of those evenings when you settle onto the couch, turn your speaker system on, switch inputs, and then the system blasts out music, causing you to frantically reach for the volume control as you think to yourself, “Why didn’t I double check that?” Now you can let your future ears rest easy, because the Safe Volume Function kicks in if the volume is turned higher than the set safety level, causing the sound to be muted first and prompting you to override the setting manually or to confirm you want louder music. 

Please check out the product page to learn more about the Pre90 and Ext90. If you have any further questions or need more information, you can begin a live chat with our dedicated Support Team or you may email us at “” and we’ll reply asap! 

Also, there is a Topping L30 giveaway taking place right now. I highly encourage you to participate, it’s a brilliant little amp.

Participate here

And for those of you, who are more into portable stuff – there’s a new Fiio Q5s Type-C available right now.

Available here

Audeze Headphones Now Available on Apos Ensembles

We’re happy to announce that the Audeze LCD-X and LCD-2 headphones are now available for you to choose with any Apos Ensemble! Apos Ensembles are specially organized equipment bundles (DAC, amp, and headphone options) that our team of audio professionals have put together to provide you with the ultimate listening experience. Furthermore, you’ll realize considerable savings when purchasing an Ensemble compared to what you would normally pay if you had purchased the grouped items separately. 

Audeze made quite the entrance in the audiophile world in 2009 when the then-unknown company debuted the original LCD-2 headphones to widespread critical acclaim. Today, they’re a leading manufacturer of planar magnetic headphones, including the LCD-X and revamped LCD-2.

To add Audeze to your Ensemble, simply click the “Request a Headphone Pairing” button on the Ensemble product page and our Support Team will take care of you from there. That’s it! You can always start a live chat with our Support Team here on our website or you may email us directly at “” if you need further assistance.

Whenever you make a purchase with us, you get the Apos Promise for Free Priority Shipping, Free Returns, an Extended 2-Year Warranty, and a 30-Day Lowest Price Match, which has been extended till the end of the year for the Holiday Season. Thanks for choosing Apos and Happy Holidays!

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