Unique Melody now available on Apos Audio

Once again some great news from our friends at Apos Audio – Unique Melody is now available, so you can get your hands on these sweet and popular MEST and Mini Mest.

Apos is happy to say that we’re now an authorized reseller for Unique Melody. Unique Melody is a Chinese manufacturer best known for their innovative designs of both custom-made and stock IEMs. As with all orders made on Apos, your purchase of Unique Melody products comes with Free Priority Shipping, Free Returns, an Extended 2-Year Warranty, and a 30-Day Lowest Price Match, which has been extended for this year’s Holiday Season till the end of the year!

Unique Melody has been making IEMs for the mid- and high-end market since 2007 and their creations are anything but ordinary. Unique Melody has been engineering new designs ranging from Bluetooth to bone-conduction drivers — technology featured in their latest releases, the Melody MEST and Melody Mini MEST — which effectively use the bones in your head as a soundbox. Unique Melody certainly lives up to its name.

Please check out our Unique Melody collection to browse their products we carry! If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our Support Team by starting a live chat here on our site, or you may email us at “support@apos.audio.” 

Also, there are two new models from Shanling also available at Apos Audio.

We are excited to announce that the Shanling ME700 In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) and Shanling M8 Digital Audio Player (DAP) are now available from Apos Audio. All Shanling products, along with every purchase you make in our store, come with our company guarantees for Free Priority Shipping, Free Returns, an Extended 2-Year Warranty, and a 30-Day Lowest Price Match, which has been extended until the end of this year for the Holiday Season!

Shanling is a Chinese manufacturer that has been designing high-end audio products for more than 30 years now, ranging from top-of-the-line CD players and tube amps to today’s contemporary portable products. Shanling’s foray into modern IEMs and portable audio players was relatively recent, but the critical response to their aesthetic and performance is undeniable. Their flagship IEM, the ME700, is the company’s latest achievement and pairs perfectly with their newest DAP, the M8, to be a combination that’s quite literally music to your ears. 

The Shanling ME700 is a hybrid IEM, combining dynamic and balanced armature drivers, each specializing in its own sound frequency, all coming together to create an enthrallingly lively reproduction of the full sound spectrum. Inside the Shanling ME700, you’ll find a total of five drivers per earpiece: two single balanced armatures, one dual balanced armature, and a gold-plated dynamic driver. As for its casing and earmold, the ME700 continues to be nothing less than premium. Its inner structure is 3D-printed to hold all five drivers precisely where they need to be. The shells were designed after careful study of several thousands of ear shapes and still come with a dozen eartips for you to choose from, which are then coated in medical grade resin from Germany, guaranteeing you comfort and natural sound isolation. Those who’ve worn them state that you can feel the quality from the first touch and that the listening experience is second to none.

The Shanling M8 DAP is also the company’s flagship release, but in their line of portable players. The M8 has two leading AKM DAC chips, is driven by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processor, features Bluetooth 5.0, supports MQA decoding, and has six digital filters that you can customize. It’s body is elegantly styled from a single block of aircraft grade aluminum and has a single yet interchangeable output socket, providing you with a sleek aesthetic that doesn’t reduce any of your listening options. 

To learn more please visit the product pages for the Shangling ME700 IEMs and the Shanling M8 DAP. If you are within the US and you place an order before 3pm PST this Friday, Dec. 18th, we will upgrade your shipping to arrive in time for Christmas (learn more here). If you still have questions or need further information, please contact our Support Team through our website’s live chat function or send us an email at “support@apos.audio” and we’ll respond promptly. 

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