Paweł Szachno – I am a 28 years old living in Poland, Europe. I’ve been into audio for 8 years now, working in distribution, marketing and production of headphone related products. Because of having several jobs I don’t get much free time, that’s why I like straight to the point, informative and no-bullshit content. That’s how I want to run Ear Fidelity.

Bruno Paprocki – I am a 19 years old audiophile, photographer, coffee lover and Star Wars fan. I love checking out new audio stuff and sharing my opinions with people not being overly bloviating. I believe that a review acts as a guide to just interest people, and then comes the most important part, which is actually testing the device by themselves.

Robert Pytlewski – My name is Robert and I’m 25. Passion I had from my very early years was always experiencing music. With my reviews I’m trying to help people decide what will be the best specifically for them. That’s why I’m being very honest with my opinions, not being manipulated by a crowd and most important I won’t hesitate to speak bluntly if I have to.

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