Cayin C9

Cayin C9 is a flagship transportable fully balanced portable tube amp that can output up to a whopping 4.1W at 16 ohms. It’ll cost you just shy of $1999.

Little Dot Gyfu

LittleDot Gyfu is an open-back, triple dynamic driver headphone, with the recommended price of $550.

Final A3000

The A3000 is a budget offering from the well-known and respected Final Audio. It uses a single dynamic driver, and its price is set at $129.

Audiofly AF1120 MK II

The AF1120 MK II is the flagship IEM from the company called Audiofly. It uses six balanced armature drivers, and it’s priced at $649.

Hifiman HE1000se

third iteration of the vastly popular HE1000 series from Hifiman. It uses some tech that you can find in their flagship Susvara, and it’s priced at $3500.

Fir Audio M5

Fir M5 is a flagship IEM by Fir Audio, that’s based in Vancouver. It is a trybrid design using 1DD, 3BA and 1EST drivers per side. Here’s a review of the custom version with ATOM modules, costing $2948.

Hidizs MS2

Hidizs MS2 is a hybrid IEM using a single BA Driver as well as a newly developed 10.2mm Dynamic Driver. It’ll cost you $79.Recommended. Highly.

Erua Audio Tawa

Erua Audio Tawa is a high-end upgrade cable made of gold plated silver & palladium plated silver. It’s priced at around $1299.

DROP ALT Mechanical Keyboard

Drop ALT is a mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable sockets. It’s made of aluminum and it’s priced at $180 (now dropped to $145).


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